Tactical Shooting Center

We have been in business for over 15 years.

In Tallinn we have 50 and 25 meter indoor ranges and gunshop. In  Tartu we have 25 and 8 meter indoor ranges.
You can organize meetings and training events with us, celebrate birthdays or other special occasions or just spend fun and quality time shooting different firearms.
You are always welcome to us !



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Taktikalise laskmise keskus uuenenud

Taktikalise laskmise keskus uuenenud

TLK lasketiiru pakett “Bowling”

TLK Noarünnaku tõrjumine tulirelvaga

TLK Glock Gen 5 esitlus

Glock püstoli tuunimine (osa nr 1)

Glock püstoli tuunimine (osa nr 2)

Glock püstoli tuunimine (osa nr 3)

TLK (Relvasepa tööd) www.tlk.ee


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